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Englische Romane (alle)
A Song In Stone4.5Michael Kröger
A Song of Ice and Fire 4 - A Feast for Crows4.3Patrick Pricken
The Bronze Canticles Book 1: Mystic Warrior4.2Gordon Gurray
Cross County4.4Michael Kröger
Devil’s Cape4.3Alexander Heppe
Dresden Files Book 1 - Storm Front3.2Patrick Pricken
Endless Quest 1 - Claw of the Dragon3.8Patrick Pricken
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons & Dragons3.2Marc Drozella
Firefly Rain3.9Alexander Heppe
First Law Trilogy 1 - The Blade itself4.5Dominik Stieler
First Law Trilogy 2 - Before They are Hanged4.3Dominik Stieler
Hallowmere 3 - Between Golden Jaws3.5Peter Basedau
Hallowmere 4 - Maiden of the Wolf3.6Peter Basedau
Hallowmere 5 - Queen of the Masquerade2.4Bjrön Arnold
Hallowmere 6 - Oracle of the Morrigan3.0Peter Basedau
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)3.2Patrick Pricken
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows3.3Patrick Pricken
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell4.1Patrick Pricken
Magic in the Mirrorstone3.8Patrick Pricken
Magic the Gathering - Agents of Artifice4.7Michael Kröger
Magic the Gathering - Artifacts Cycle 14.5Michael Kröger
Magic the Gathering - The Purifying Fire - A Planeswalker Novel4.5Michael Kröger
Magic the Gathering - The Quest For Karn1.4Heretic
Magic the Gathering - Shadowmoor Anthology2.0Nico K. Bracht
The Man on the Ceiling4.1Alex Heppe
The Prince of Nothing 1 - The Darkness that comes before4.3Dominik Stieler
The Prince of Nothing 2 - The Warrior-Prophet4.5Dominik Stieler
Whispers of a Dying Flame (eBook)4.8Gordon Gurray
X - Farnham's Legend4.3Jens Tebest