The Weekly Gatezeer #17

So hier die Wochen-News: Der Gatezeer.

Hier die News der vergangenen Woche…

Wizards News (Aktuelles)

[Und die 50 recent articles…]

1. The Far Corners of the World: The Hidden Realm Above — Spells of the Sky

2. Grasp of the Emerald Claw Art Gallery

3. Character Class: Sorcerers with Class

4. D&D Miniatures: Deathknell Preview 4

5. D&D Miniatures: Commander’s Notebook — Vampire Aristocrat

6. Complete Adventurer Art Gallery

7. Magic Books of Faerun: Kaupaer’s Quick Book

8. Rules of the Game: Making Magic Items (Part 6)

9. Rules Reference: Feats, Prestige Classes, and Spells

10. Sharn Inquisitive — Tower Collapse Was Sabotage, Watch Says

11. Under the Glass — Healing

12. Dragonshards — Blades of the Quori

Star Wars D20 News

1. The Oblee

2. Reprieves

3. Jedi Counseling 57

4. Arms of the Alliance

Eberron Journal News

1. Eberron Beastiary Updated

Das war’s für diese Woche.