The Weekly Gatezeer #18

Sorry ichhabe es am Sonntag vergessen bzw. auch nicht geschafft ūüôā

So hier die Wochen-News: Der Gatezeer.

Hier die News der vergangenen Woche…

Wizards News (Aktuelles)

[Und die 50 recent articles…]

1. Dragonshards — House Phiarlan, Part One

2. Sharn Inquisitive — Researchers Crack Code of Vvaraak

3. Web Enhancement: Complete Adventurer — Secrets of the Fochlucan College

4. Vicious Venues: The Greenleaf Shop

5. Behind the Screen: Membership Has Its Privileges

6. Use This Book Tonight: Complete Adventurer

7. NEWS: Talk with Other Players on Our Message Boards and Chats

8. D&D Miniatures: Deathknell Preview 5

9. D&D Miniatures: New Scenario Formats

10. Realmslore: The Chalice of Serpents, Part Two

11. NEWS: Wizards to Release Keith Baker’s First Eberron Novel

12. Rules of the Game: Making Magic Items (Part 7)

13. Sharn Inquisitive — Crown Names ir’Saldivar to Dark Lantern Post

Star Wars D20 News

1. We Don’t Need That Scum

Eberron Journal News

1. Eberron Beastiary Updated

Das war’s f√ľr diese Woche.