The Weekly Gatezeer #19

Sorry ichhabe es am Sonntag vergessen bzw. auch nicht geschafft ūüôā

So hier die Wochen-News: Der Gatezeer.

Hier die News der vergangenen Woche…

Wizards News (Aktuelles)

[Und die 50 recent articles…]

1. NEWS: D&D 2005 — Biggest Year Ever!

2. To Quell the Rising Storm (10th level D&D v.3.5 adventure)

3. Grasp of the Emerald Claw Map Gallery

4. Official D&D Game Rule FAQ Update

5. Errata: Monster Manual 3

6. D&D Miniatures: Deathknell Preview 6

7- D&D Miniatures: The Crimson Blades

8. Character Class: Druids with Class

9- Realmslore: The Black Mysteries, Part One

10. Adventure Locales: The Steaming Demon

11. NEWS: Ten Reasons for Players to Buy Lost Empires of Faerun

12. Rules of the Game: All About Mounts (Part One)

13. NEWS: You Don’t Want to Miss Winter Fantasy 2005

Star Wars D20 News

1. We Don’t Need That Scum

Eberron Journal News

1. Keith Baker speaks on Races Cover

2. Mark of Heroes: Reflections of the Multiverse Now Available For Download

3. Races of Eberron Petition

4. Races of Eberron Cover Art

Das war’s f√ľr diese Woche.